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Charmag history

Our history


Charmag's origins date back to 1931. Eager to gain independence, Edouard Künzler creates our company at that time. Why this name? For (S) CHARnier Metallwarenfabrik AG. From its beginnings until the mid-60s, Charmag produces only hardware and a few custom-made products.

The arrival of Harald Sitter as Managing Director in 1970 coincides with a radical reorientation of the company. 80% of its products are exported. The automotive industry became the company's spearhead.

1985 marks another milestone for the company, with the construction of a new production hall and the manufacture of new window and door hinges.

Finally, in the early 2000s, Christian and Michel Sitter decide to focus their efforts on the development of own new products, a policy that is still pursued today.

Charmag history
Charmag history
Charmag history

A family business since 1931

Our Directors

Director and founder of Charmag S.A


Edouard Künzler

Director of Charmag S.A.


Siegfried Wiederhold

Director of Charmag S.A.


Harald Sitter

Director of Charmag S.A.


Christian Sitter

Director of Charmag S.A.


Michel Sitter

The dates that marked our history

these women who left their mark on Charmag

Charmag history

Marie Künzler

Assistant to the management

Charmag history

Maya Wiederhold

Delegate of the Board of Directors

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